This is Pian dell'Orino

The estate is adjacent to the Biondi Santi property. This area has a long history of being particularly suited for growing grapes for high quality wines. Our love for Tuscany and passion for viticulture binds us particularly to this land, our vines and the resulting wines.

Our wines come from four different vineyards that have a total area of 6 hectares.

Right from the beginning we studied the soil and the structure of each vineyard in order to fully understand its characteristics. Fossils, petrified shells and chalk sediment all testify to the earth’s evolutions and recount marine flooding and periods of drought in the area.

The research and the significance dedicated to our land means that we now cultivate it in such a way as to make wines with a very distinct personality that reflect the innate character of each vineyard in a clear and recognisable way.